How to fix account link between Playstation and Spotify

Today, I bought a Playstation 4, with that incredible Black Friday deal, at $250.  It’s about time I move from ps3 to ps4!

Now, I just want to listen to music on my ps4 system using Spotify, like I did on my ps3.  But, every time I try to connect, I get an error message about an “already linked” account.

What you need to do, is to “unlink” your playstation network and spotify account, and retry to link them after in your ps3.

First, unlink from playstation network using that link:

Then, do that again, but this time, in your spotify account.

Now, retry to open the spotify app in your ps4, follow the link instructions, and it will work as expected!

3 thoughts on “How to fix account link between Playstation and Spotify”

  1. YOU THE MAN!!!! Thank you! I struggled with the same problem for the last two days! Your links really helped me out my man thank you!!!! It all works perfectly now.

    1. This doesnt work if you dont know what the account is that spotify is “already” Linked to. How the hell do figure that out? Thought it was mine but then one day pooof. Couldnt play my music anymore

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