How to export all Route53 DNS zones entries

I recently had to export all Route53 DNS entries, just to do some cleanup of them. I was surprised that there is no “official” way to export them all from the AWS console!
I found the cli53 tool, but it doesn’t do exactly what I need.

So, I decided to write my own powershell script. I share it with you, I hope it may help!

Feel free to send me your suggestions to make it better!

$zones = Get-R53HostedZoneList | select name,id,ResourceRecordSetCount | sort -Property name

foreach ($zone in $zones) {
    [string]::Format(“[{0}] [{1}] ({2})”,$zone.Name, $zone.Id, $zone.ResourceRecordSetCount)
    $recordsets = Get-R53ResourceRecordSet -HostedZoneId $ 
    $recordsets = $recordsets.ResourceRecordSets | sort -Property type # | where type -EQ 'a'
    foreach ($rs in $recordsets){              
        [string]::Format(“`n[{0}] [{1}] ({2})”,$rs.type, $, $rs.ResourceRecords.Count)
        foreach ($record in $rs.ResourceRecords){
            [string]::Format("   {0}", $record.Value)

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