Retrieve performance on Killer E2500 network adapter

Recently (since end of 2022), I had issues after running Windows Update on my MSI Laptop GS63 7RD, with network adapter Killer E2500.

After running update, my network becomes very slow.

Every time, I noticed that, during the update, 2 drivers or software were changed: These are, Intel SoftwareComponent, and Rivet Networks driver.

I was able to get my performance back, by removing the new network adapter drivers, that restores the original one. But, on the next update, these new drivers are reinstalled.

I finally found a method to retrieve the performance and keep the new driver, so it will not be replaced on the next update.

What you need to do, is to stop and disable the Killer or River services related to that driver. These services try to help you, by detecting issues on network (I think). But, in fact, they doesn’t help at all!

Select theses windows services, stop them, and disable them to prevent them to start on reboot.

That’s all!

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