How to revert “low blue light” mode on Benq monitor

I just got 2 new Benq monitors. One 24 inch GW2470 set as landscape, and a GW2765 set as portrait mode. They are wonderful on my desktop! And that portrait mode will help me develop web apps with the “developer mode” visible in the bottom of the screen.

I really like the low blue light feature, specially in low light environment like a small room, when there’s no other lights over or behind me.

There a “quick action” button that allow to choose between 4 type of “low blue light” preset.

The level of blue light is not the same on both, so I set the first one at 30%, but I did not set it on the second one, as the white level is not as strong as it is on the first screen.

But now, how can I reset that blue light mode ?!?!? As you see in the previous picture, we can choose between 4 modes, but there’s 1 missing: “DISABLE”! Once you set it, it looks like you have to keep it forever!
I searched the web and found some people having the same issue, and their solution was to “reset all settings” in the menu.

But, there’s a better method, for those who can read the manual!

Go in the menu, then select “Picture Advanced”, and “Picture Mode”. There, you will see that “blue light” is one settings between others. You can then move to “standard”, “movie”, … So, the 4 blue light settings are sub-items of the “blue light” picture mode!

That’s it! enjoy your new Benq monitors.

6 thoughts on “How to revert “low blue light” mode on Benq monitor”

  1. ah thank you! I was wondering how to reset it cause I need the true colors you have with standard for work

  2. i can’t find a method to totally disable the blue light mode , anyone can help ?

  3. Thank you. The user interface of LowBlueLight-Feature of the BenQ gl2760h is not good. Without your blog I would be lost.

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