How-to allow AWS IAM users access to Billing Dashboard

You found that page because you tried to create an IAM user, and allow Billing dashboard access.

You set it all the required permissions, like “AdministratorAccess” or “Billing”, and it didn’t work.

Then, you also tried to add an “inline policy”, by selecting “Billing” service, + “All Billing Actions” (aws-portal:*), and it’s still not working.

When using that IAM user to access billing dashboard, you always see that message:
“You Need Permissions – You don’t have permission to access billing information for this account. Contact your AWS administrator if you need help. If you are an AWS administrator, you can provide permissions for your users or groups by making sure that (1) this account allows IAM and federated users to access billing information and (2) you have the required IAM permissions.”

You follow provided help link, and it doesn’t help, they only tell you again and again that you should enable billing access to iam users. But, like most of AWS documentation, they never tell you HOW to do that easily!

I will tell you, because I lost hours to find it, and I want to help someone who have the same issue.

Login with your “root” account. Then, go to “my account” menu on top right, or follow that link: “My Account“.

On that page, search for “IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information“.

There’s a warning in that section: “IAM user/role access to billing information is deactivated“.

Finally, all you need is to click “Edit”, check the box, hit Update, and you’re done!