Watch out for IndexedDB + [Date] format

You may have read that post from Raymond Camden about using [Date] format object in indexedDB.

Following that advice, we used it in our application.

Everything was fine, until we got customers using IE11 on windows 7.  IE11 on win8.x, and Win10 were OK, but, only on windows 7, we had errors.

After some investigations, using the Microsoft provided Virtual Machine to test IE11 on Windows 7, we found that all our “Date” used in index, were converted to ISO String!

So, we had to change our app, and use ISO string everywhere for dates we need to use as index, just in case we got customers with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.

P.S. we are using db.js, so we’re not sure if the browser itself modify our date variable to string, or db.js, but it just happen.

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